About Us

ADMATIC, Lda is a young and innovative company specializing in the production of precision technical parts, in small, medium and large series, in the most diverse materials: Carbon steels, Stainless steels, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Titanium, technical Plastics, among others.

Our business operates in the area of industrial subcontracting, which translates into producing mechanical parts and assemblies, according to the technical specifications of the customers, or through a sample, offering all the necessary technical support to design and develop new components: Engineering, Technical Design, Planning, Production and Assembly.

Likewise, our clients can count on a specialized and experienced team being able to create new systems and solutions to best suit their needs.

Quality and service are our main concerns, which allows us to guarantee maximum reliability to our customers.

From Project to Product

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Developing your idea

We support our customers with technical expertise during the engineering and development of new parts.

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Design & Prototyping

We see this as a natural part of our participation in developing new components, as we know from our experience that our initial involvement ensures better prices for our customers and less mistakes.

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Production & Logistics

The parts produced have a wide range of applications, namely: automotive, aeronautics, medical, furniture, machine tools, civil construction, household appliances, electricity and gas. We work on a fully integrated system that aims to ensure the proper delivery of items by agreement and minimizes unnecessary waiting.

Why us?

We are a credible supplier, who guarantees quality at the best price, as well as fast delivery time, with technical abilities to translate your idea / project into reality, and to produce it in the most efficient, accurate and low-cost way.

On-time delivery

We pride ourselves on our reputation, and that starts with the service we offer you.

We understand that delivery is key. Here at ADMATIC we have a “under promise, over achieve” attitude. Using MRP/ERP software we have a clear view of current order progress. Order confirmation takes risk assessment into account giving realistic and safe delivery information. Unforeseen problems that may occur are communicated at the earliest possible opportunity.


Our Vision

We are the first choice in the supply of precision technical parts.

Our Mission

Satisfy our customers by offering them the production of high-quality precision technical parts in a short time.

Technical Capacity

With the help of modern and stable machines, supported by CAD/CAM computer programs, the product is almost always manufactured in one machine cycle, which is beneficial for quality and price.

Investing in the modernization of our productive capacities continues to be our company's orientation towards the future.


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FEATURES CNC TURNING & MILLING - Multitasking CNC AUTOMATIC Lathes | Precision Turning and Machined Components


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Latest Products Image

FEATURES CNC TURNING & MILLING - CNC Sliding Head manufacturing


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Latest Products Image



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Business Sectors

Thanks to our know-how, we are constantly focused on providing total customer satisfaction in all domains of activity.

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Our professionals and equipment are the most important factors in providing precision and quality.
We do invest in both!

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ISO 9001: 2015

The company is being organized in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standards and is adopting LEAN philosophy and practices.

In this way, we reinforce our commitment to quality and continuous improvement to Customers, Suppliers and Partners.

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We are provided with modern equipment to verify the product quality standards: Three-dimensional machine, Profiler, Micrometers, Calipers, Calculators, Comparators, Bases and tables, as well as, Calibration equipment, Linear Probes, Data Transmission and Digital Rulers.

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We develop our activity in a continuously improving environment that involves Employees, Suppliers and Clients.

ADMATIC, Lda assumes as strategic objectives:

The Customer is fundamental.
ADMATIC, Lda is committed to ensuring the quality of its products and services in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the customer.
All of us are committed,
The Responsibility, Dedication, Involvement, and Understanding of all our coworkers are fundamental in achieving Quality.
with the best Suppliers,
ADMATIC, Lda is committed to ensuring compliance with the agreed conditions and seeks to establish partnerships with its Suppliers by evaluating and qualifying them.
providing the Best Conditions,
Aware of its mission in society, ADMATIC, Lda is concerned with the preservation of the environment and with providing good Hygiene, Safety and Health conditions at Work.
it is possible to Improve more and more!

The quality of the parts is measured during production, through our production control plans and internal standards, ensuring complete production traceability through our ERP software, from the order quotation to its delivery.

At the end of the production cycle, our quality team only performs a final product inspection, as to ensure that controls have been carried out during production and the compliance of the product with the customer's specifications and of packaging.


For any finishing, or thermal or chemical treatment, such as hardening, polishing, anodizing, galvanizing, zinc galvanizing, chrome plating, etc., we have appointed our available suppliers and will be happy to fulfill these requirements with you.


Because we know the importance of a short delivery time, whether there is an unexpected malfunction in the machine, our personnel will be able to solve such failure, as well as to provide reliable maintenance.

The company has implemented a system of preventive maintenance, in order to avoid possible damages.


The environment is very important for us, so our factory floor is completely waterproofed, with an anti-slip epoxy paint coating, which ensures the maintenance of a clean and pleasant environment.

Being easy to clean, it also has the particularity of protecting the floor and the environment against possible chemicals infiltrations.


ADDRESS Headquarters

In case you need assistance from one of our representatives, you may come and find them here, while we will be very honored to receive you in our factory.

  • Travessa do Barreiro s/n - Covão
  • 3750-836 Valongo do Vouga

EMAIL General

We are completely available to offer you our services, with a guarantee of organization, responsibility and dynamism.

  • geral@admatic.pt

Contacts General

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department, our coworkers will be very glad to help you!

  • +351 234 648 380